Alriai Aborin

"And now the mandatory vulgar pick-up lines. Can we just skip to the part where I insult your ancestry and hygiene and draw my sword?"

A full body picture of Alri, with a headshot

Physical Description

Alri is a little under-average in height (about 5' 4"), but has a solid, athletic build. She has a roundish face, with large, violet eyes and long eyelashes. She has dark brown hair, worn pulled back, with black bangs. Her skin is a pale ivory -- and yes, I do mean that it's yellowish-brown. Her normal clothing taste lends itself to purples. She'll wear drapy, loose styles when they won't get in the way, but dresses in a more practical fashion when working.


Alri is a very cheerful and optimistic person overall. She's a fan of fantastical literature -- she's mostly familair with her own culture's tales, but has a sizable collection of alien folklore books. However, under the optimism is the sharp mind of a businesswoman -- she knows what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to grab for it. She's rather practical -- it takes someone with both feet on the ground to build castles in the air, after all. She's also very group-oriented, like many Darynese -- if she sees a need in the group, she'll try to fill it. This also makes her dislike being on the outside. Alri has a small jealous streak, which she tries to keep in check.


The daughter of two merchants on the Darynese colony of Kemaryn, Alri grew up in space -- she set foot on her first planet at the age of 11, and has never lived on a planet, save for a few months training for the Star by Star Exploration Program. She was trained to follow in her parents' footsteps, but asked for (and received) permission to join SSEP, both to see the universe and to better understand how humans think.


Special Abilities

Normal Darynese.